Aldo Nadi

pupil of BEPPE Nadi

Teacher of William Gaugler.

Maestro Nadi was born April 29, 1899 in Livorno, Italy, and died November 10, 1965 Los Angeles, California.

Aldo grew up in his father's fencing school. Alongside his older brother Nedo, he become a world champion professional fencer, fought a duel in earnest along the way, and then turned to training fencers.


Aldo was the only one in his family to leave behind a legacy in writing.

He penned a treatise (On Fencing) as well as a personal autobiography (The Living Sword).


Footage of Aldo Nadi's fencing may be seen on YouTube, thanks to Mr. John Trojanowski (schlager7):

1935 Aldo Nadi vs Nedo Nadi

1934 Aldo Nadi at Salle LaCaze

1934 Gaudin's Funeral (Bout with Aldo Nadi)

Dr. Gaugler summed up his competitive career as follows--

"Detailed accounts of Maestro Aldo Nadi's amateur and professional encounters appear in the autobiography cited above.

Here is an overview: Nadi won approximately sixty Italian and international competitions.

At the age of eleven he won the Junior Foil and Sabre Championships of Italy; at fourteen he placed third in foil and sabre in an international tournament in Barcelona; and at twenty-one he won the Italian Foil Championship without a single defeat.

At the Antwerp Olympic Games of 1920 he won the silver medal in sabre and three gold medals in the team events in foil, sabre, and épée. Then he turned professional.

He won the Professional Italian Championships in all three weapons without a single defeat in 1924, 1925, and 1927.

From 1923 until his retirement in 1935 Nadi was undefeated.

Among those he triumphed over were Cattiau, many times Champion of France, foil, 10-4, Milan, 1922; Remay, Champion of the French Military Masters and Director in Chief of Joinville-le-Pont, foil, 12-3, Paris, 1923; Dodivers, Professional Champion of France, epee, 15-11, La Baule, 1925; Haussy, fifteen times Professional Champion of France, foil, 14-9, Florence, 1925; Buchard (Georges), many times Champion of France, World Champion three times, second in the Olympic Games three times, epee, 12-5, Antwerp, 1926; Ducret, many times Champion of France in all weapons, Olympic Champion in foil, and second in sabre and epee, epee, 12-5, Paris, 1926; Ayat (Felix), Professional Champion of France, epee, 14-9, Paris, 1926; Anchetti, Champion of the French Military Masters, foil, 16-10, Casablanca, 1926; Cattiau again, epee, 10-6, Cannes, 1925; Coutrot, Champion of France, epee, 12-4, Paris, 1932; Omer, Champion of the French Military Masters, epee 12-4, Paris, 1933; and Lemoine, Champion of France and World Champion, foil, 10-4, Paris, 1934.

I am not aware of any contemporary fencer, European or American, with so impressive a record."